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August Month of Av - Father and to Hear

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

The Jewish Calendar Month of AV - Meaning Father - Tribe Month of Simeon “TO HEAR” We are near one month into a New Year on the Jewish Calendar. This is the month to HEAR the FATHER with Prudence and Obedience.  Av the Jewish calendar month of August has been a Biblical month throughout the history of the Bible depicting a month of endings and new beginnings, destructions and new birthing. In this New season of New beginnings God will download crystal clear revelations for our Destiny and Purpose as we keep our ears tuned in to the heart beat of the father. Modeling the sons of Issachar will be paramount in this new season. The sons of Issachar were astute and most keen in hearing God. They knew what to do and when to do. Favor from the previous month of Tamuz is yet flowing in this New Season and it will continue to be our portion as we hear the father with Prudence and Obedience. Hear carefully and Arise for such a time as this! There is a Divine Shift taking place for Dimensions. God has shifted! It’s a new beginning. Your new season of favor has come. God has need of you to advance his kingdom.   EPYL Powered by Secret Place Revelations 

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