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​Phreida Y. Liggins Ministries


Evangelist Phreida Y. Liggins is a mentor to women and girls across the globe, nurturing and imparting wisdom to empower while building long-lasting relationships along the way.

Our mission is to equip people with the resources and tools that empower them to walk in an intimate and vibrant relationship with God. This mandate causes me to be relentless in my pursuit of sharing the hope of Jesus Christ with men and women, boys and girls, across the globe. My sincerest desire is to lead individuals to Christ and into a growing relationship with Him. I want everyone to know and experience God’s love and blessings in such awesome ways that compel them to walk with God and serve Him eternally. Because of my past painful life experiences, I have a sensitive spot for those who are hurting that causes me to reach out and help them to bring about transformation so that
they can be free and at peace. Combining my relationship with God, my prayer life, my past, and my uncanny insight, I am able to empathize and relate to what they are going through and help bring them through to the other side of
victory. My ministry endeavors to equip, edify and motivate others to move into deliverance and walk in their divine purpose.


Evangelist Phreida Y. Liggins

Evangelist Liggins has been revered as an electrifying inspirational speaker carrying a revelatory anointing that brings breakthroughs and shifts to those under her voice. Because Evangelist Liggins has a heart for God and is an open vessel, God uses Evangelist Liggins greatly to speak a timely word into the lives of others. God has called Evangelist Liggins for such a time as this and uses her tremendously to change the course of others’ lives ushering them into destiny. Employing deliverance, edification, teaching, and strengthening, Evangelist Liggins is used as a vehicle to bring transformation to the body of Christ. Evangelist Liggins is a dedicated servant of the Lord. She is one who loves to serve God and His people. Evangelist Liggins has great compassion for souls, sharing with them the love of the Lord, his saving power, transforming power, and then the good news that prayer does change things.


Through perseverance, tenacity, and faith in God, Evangelist Liggins stands strong as a woman of God. Her faith is propelled by the assurance that He “will do exceeding, abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us!” Evangelist Liggins has an endearing passion to equip God’s people to advance the kingdom of God and walk in COMPLETE and TOTAL VICTORY. For the past 30+ years, Evangelist Liggins has been a committed, integral, and humbled servant leader, faithfully working in the body of Christ first in the local church and expanding her reach as a consistent worker in the national Church of God in Christ. 

Evangelist Liggins involvement with the WeCare Alliance has drawn her to praying in homes and hospitals for the sick and shut-in. Additionally, Evangelist Liggins can be found ministering to those in need at various oncology centers throughout the Mid-South. Evangelist Liggins is the founder of Touch Someone’s Life Transformation Ministries powered by Secret Place Revelations. Evangelist Liggins is also the founder of, The
Lucy’s Rescue, a humanitarian project, which provides funding for housing of orphans, medical tools, and mentorship for teens and young
adults in Nairobi Kenya.

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